Paul has over 30 years’ experience in personal taxation, having worked at Ernst & Young as a senior manager for 14 years. He spent four years working in Philadelphia before setting up PJD Tax Consultants in London in 2003. Paul’s approach to tax is unique, he particularly enjoys meetings and working closely with clients in supporting their long-term objectives.

Paul’s team consists of Bonnetta Brady, Anusa Sivayoganathan, Michelle Neckles-Simpson, Daniel Blythe, Elif Buyuk, Ashish Shrestha, and Luke Gowthorpe who are all knowledgeable about UK and US tax, and share his belief in strong client relationships. Paul is also a keen specialist in the art of conversation, especially when it’s accompanied by a glass of wine or food. So, if you would like some serious tax advice in a not so serious environment, give him a call.