US and UK tax laws are constantly being updated. We believe that clients should always be aware of changes that may affect them. We have therefore written a number of articles based on current legislation which may be of interest. This information should not be taken as full comprehensive advice and we highly recommend that you contact a PJD tax representative for more information.

Not the “PFIC” solution to your investment choices?

As a US citizen, green card holder, or US resident you are required to report your worldwide income on your US Federal tax return. For Americans living outside of the US, or non-US nationals who have moved into the US, your investment portfolio will most likely include non-US investments. Understanding the US tax treatment of these foreign investments will help you better-structure your investment choices, and limit your exposure to draconian US taxes.

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To Exclude or Not to Exclude

OK, so you are a US person and you live and work outside of the US.  So the IRS allow you to claim a deduction for up to $101,300 of your non US earnings and also a part of your non US housing expenses on your Federal Tax Return, generous aren’t they!  It’s a no brainer?

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