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We specialise in UK and US taxation for individuals who are working away from their home country, dealing with the full range of tax issues associated with expatriate individuals, from Tax Return compliance to simple or complex tax consulting issues.

Our services are not only limited to expatriate individuals, we also deal with the tax affairs of a significant number of UK nationals. Generally, these are individuals with complex tax affairs or who are involved with matters that generate income from outside the UK.

UK Tax

We have a number of PJD Tax employees who are qualified under the Association of Taxation Technicians. As a firm we have many years of experience dealing with UK income tax and in particular the treatment of non-UK income and gains. 

It is important to note that not all UK residents are required to file a tax return. Only individuals who meet certain criteria are required to file. Here is a link to the HMRC website which has more information.

Another reason to file a UK tax return would be to take advantage of the tax relief available to non-UK domiciled individuals. In particular, claiming the “remittance basis” and also “Overseas Workday Relief” whereby it is possible to claim relief against earnings outside of the UK. Please see the technical section of our website or contact us directly for more information.

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US Tax

We have many years of practical experience in the preparation of US tax returns and also have a number of PJD Tax employees who are qualified as IRS enrolled agents. We are competent to tackle all issues relating to US income tax. 

We specialise in the taxation of individuals who are residing outside of the US. Due to the addition of foreign income there are often further, and sometimes complex, reporting requirements. We are highly experienced in this area and are able to advise on the correct way to report this information. 

A common misconception is that US citizens will not be required to file US tax returns if they are residing in a foreign country. It is important to remember that US citizens, and also permanent residents (Green card holders), are always subject to US taxation regardless of where they currently reside. Due to this many US citizens fall behind with their filing obligations. We are able to assist you in complying with the appropriate procedure to get up to date and avoid costly late filing penalties. 

In addition to a tax return certain US persons may also be required to file Fincen Form 114, more commonly known as the FBAR. This form is filed separately to the tax return and reports your non-US bank accounts. Please contact us for more information of the filing requirements.

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